White Beans and Rice

            Have you ever had bad dreams – or not necessarily “bad” ones but something that was disruptive to peaceful sleep? I sure have, and I don’t blame them one bit on past experiences which have mystically manifested themselves because of my conscience. No sir, they appear to be the direct result of what I ate for supper.

            Having become a thoroughly coonassified redneck, I really enjoy eating a variety of associated goodies. I have even begun to cook certain local delicacies occasionally –  most of the time they turn out pretty good, too. But that aside, a few of those rather spicy delights seem to have a “time-machine effect” on me a short while after I doze off, and I am soon zapped into some place or some situation I was once in.

            One of the most consistently effective dream-makers seems to be white beans and rice. I absolutely love it, even preferring it over French fries when served with fried speck or flounder fillets. The Blue Runner “Creole Cream Style Navy Beans” that come in a can is my favorite. You heat it in a small sauce pot, pour it over the rice, then bust up the chunks of fried fish, mix it all together, add a few drops of Tabasco sauce, and feel sorry for the rest of the world.

            I know that such fine eating may lead to the mental recurrence of past events later that night, but I have found that complementing the dish with several cold ones will markedly decrease that occurrence. Cold ones seem to improve a person’s digestive processes, thereby lessening any internal dream-stimuli. Of course, if you drink enough of them you end up in La-La Land where dreams seldom occur anyway. Maybe I ought to drink more cold ones…

            Not all of my dreams are bad, though some of them seem to come from WAY out there in right field! I have no clue what inspires those – and I can’t remember most of the others after I’ve been up for an hour or so the next morning anyway. So they really don’t have a very long-reaching affect on me. However, after a great meal of white beans and rice and fried flounder fillets – and only one or two cold ones, I occasionally dream about a long-ago sweetheart and wake up a little, uh, inspired.

Barbara says I ought to go back to eating fries. Whatever, if you haven’t tried that variety of white beans and rice, you should, especially with fried fish fillets. It’s really good stuff!

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