Since this is (Supposed to be) mainly a fly-fishing site, I guess I am sort of obliged to have a page on flies. Personally I think that kinda sucks, since I usually catch my fish on a rather limited variety of rather basic patterns that vary only in their sizes and color combinations. In other words, with those exceptions, “if you’ve seen one, then you’ve seen them all!”

Well, you get the point. Still, while most of them are not very original, they are basically simple to tie, and they catch the fish I throw them at (Sorry about that literary faux pas, but that’s what they do!). So, from time to time – if I’m not fishing or laid out on a rice-field levee (Or recovering from an extended session of one or the other!) – I will pass along the particulars of a few of them. And rest assured, you need not be an engineer nor a Michaelangelo to reproduce them!

First, though, and most importantly of all, remember this:

“Super Glue Rules!”

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