A Quick Look at Colors


The “Improved” Golden Rule

DSCN0418Although the plain vanilla “Golden Rule” has accounted for a LOT of reds and flounder, I started thinking that a little variation in it might help it to trigger strikes from reluctant fish. Since chartreuse is acceptable to both species, I replaced the gold mylar “stems” that were used for the body in the original version with chartreuse ice chenille. Everything else is the same.

It’s hard to tell if the reds and flounder like it better than the original, but they sure don’t like it any less!



A Quick Look at Colors


I rely on three colors for almost all of my inshore  saltwater fly fishing – chartreuse or purple for specks, and gold or purple for reds and flounder. They work, and they keep me on track to follow one of my most hard-and-fast rules – “No strikes, no fish; change spots, not flies”!

There is, however, a consideration that should be made in selecting one of those colors, and that is dependent on the intensity of the sunlight. In early morning or on overcast days, I prefer the purple ones, but after the sun has risen a bit or the clouds have cleared, the lighter patterns have frequently produced much better results. Remember that, and you will almost assuredly end up catching fish more and changing flies less!


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