BS & W

So what’s the “W” for, you might ask.


BS & W is oil-field terminology for everything that comes out of a well that is not petroleum – “Basic Sediments and Water”. I thought having a page for stuff that is completely unassociated with fishing, hunting, cooking, birds, flowers, or whatever might be needed one day, me tending to become unassociated from time to time. Anyway, the only thing that I semi-promise NOT to include within it is politics, religion, and sex – well, not unless it has something to do with fish-sex, flounder-sex being a favorite topic. But that should be posted on another page if I can remember to do it that way (Believe me, starting this thing up is NOT easy!).

But you see, this page is already full of BS & W, so it is fulfilling its purpose just fine. More later (Maybe).



 A promising morning – lower Atchafalaya River headed south at 30 mph.



Never a dull moment.



Now that’s a fine derriere, cher!



The Blind Bay Lighthouse

It isn’t there anymore –

neither is the marsh  (Northeast Pass) behind it!



                                                                                                                                  Sept. 1990



Barbara and Number One Son (Ty-Coon)





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