Fishin’ Fishing

I doubt I’d be far wrong by stating that most folks preceed fly fishing with “fishin’-fishing”. I sure did – and occasionally still do. I still enjoy doing it, too, and when I do I feel no twinges of heresy coursing through me. Sometimes you simply have to chunk a jig – or walk a Dog – or soak a mullet’s head – if you intend to catch something. And catching something is one of the prime directives in fishing, no matter how it’s done! So occasionally you will find something herein about catching channel cats while redfishing with shrimp on bottom – or catching redfish while running crawfish-baited trotlines for channel catfish! Something along those lines anyway.

Remember, “fly-catching” beats the hell out of simply “fly fishing”, but if something prevents you from “fly-catching”, there’s not a thing wrong with “fishin’-fishing”!

Got that?


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