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This is my blogging page. I think that means I’m supposed to chat about the relevant whatevers that occur in my daily life as well as your comments about them or anything else herein.

And on that note, please feel free to make some – just keep them civilized. We do want to maintain this site in such a manner that the entire family can enjoy it.


Okay, here we go… I hope!

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27 May 2017

Back when we lived in the Delta, some of my most anticipated fishing experiences took place out at the Chandeleur Islands, usually in April and May. Almost invariably I fly fished – both for the “early-season” reds and for the specks that came later on. In any case, the times out there were treasured. Just being there made it so, and any fish that came along – usually there being quite a number of those divided among the guys – just made it all even better. I really do miss it.

So the point is, if you have a chance to make it out to a barrier island this Spring, GO. It is a bit late, but certainly not too late!


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14 April 2017

It just dawned on me that I may have been grossly neglecting my website.

A while back Barbara convinced me to send off some of my old slides to have them reproduced as digital images, and I’ve been posting a few of those that had been previously published on Facebook. So as of now I will strive to entertain you by posting them here, too, just in case you don’t do the FB thing.

This one was taken of an old editor/friend, Bob Borgwat, and his brother Michael on a redfishing trip into the Venice Dome oil field back in 1995 and was published in Louisiana Game & Fish magazine later that year. Michael has the fish; Bob’s on the net, and I was sitting on a nearby oil well shooting what I hoped would be promotional pics for my memo-boat. Cool, huh? 

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11 April 2017

Wheeeeoh! Man, I won’t say I’ve become totally ruint, but I sure won’t be making the bars chasing women for a while!

One thing about seeing two doctors at the same time is that if something is affecting you adversely, one of them can blame it on the other! Assuredly, it’s all done in jest – well, maybe not all of it, but no one ever seems to be miffed or affronted by it. Anyway, my face is now broken out worse than it ever was when I was a teenie-bopper, and it’s not from the radiation (From Onc #2) as I erroneously believed at first but the Erbitux (From Onc #1). Also, the prognosis is that it will last for some time, no matter what kind of goop I put on it! Yuk!

In any case, although I may have become a bit double-ugly recently, there is one good thing to say about it all – well, two things. #1 – the poison they are again pumping into my ol bod is apparently working, and #2 – its effects are keeping me out of trouble. Barbara says that’s real good!

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5 April 2017

Sorry about the lack of updates herein lately. Recently my fishing trips have not been very newsworthy, and due to the onset of daily radiation treatments for a little problem in my throat, it doesn’t look like those trips will increase any time shortly. However, the irises are beginning to pop, a few hummingbirds have arrived, and the butterfly weed is recovering nicely from having been knocked back to the ground by January’s freezes! So there are some various forms of worthwhile entertainment for me around the house.

I’m doing okay. The radiology doctor makes an appropriate addition to my “support group” (Though he doesn’t fish as avidly as my regular onc does!), and he and his staff are top-notch. Still hoping to get all this mess behind me for the May flounder bite at Rockefeller, but we’ll have to see about that. Wish me luck.

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6 March 2017

Made a deep-jigging trip for sac-a-lait (crappie) with my buddy Dwyane Saturday afternoon. In a chilly drizzle, the “bite” was just fast enough to keep us on the water, and it was a good thing, because it was nearing sunset when Dwyane caught his personal best – 2 pounds 4 ounces – the biggest I had ever seen alive!

That was really fitting for me. I get almost as much satisfaction out of seeing someone make an accomplishment like that as I do making it myself, so we were both pretty proud puppies on the drive home. Glad for him – it was a beautiful fish!

Incidentally, that fish was fully a quarter of a pound bigger than my best one, which I caught on Lake Bistineau on a spinnerbait with Barbara almost 50 years ago. Big ones sure don’t come easy… or often!

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25 February 2017

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the present time or place, but somehow or another I got an inspiration and posted it on Facebook. Then I decided that I should definitely not neglect y’all, so here it is.

The place is West Delta – somewhere in either Block 48 or 49, I believe. The time was sometime during a summer in the late 1990’s. The boat is the Mr. Todd and captained by Lance “Coon” Schouest – a combination that was almost impossible to beat in tarpon-fishing circles. The guy sitting on the transom with his feet in the basket is Tom Gibson – a world-class and world-renowned tarpon fisherman. I think the guy on the rod is Ged Fleming – once a pioneer and a crackerjack in his own right but now, I’ve been told, no longer with us. I do not know the mate or the fourth man in the cockpit. But that pic shows a lot of history in the sport of tarpon fishing off the Louisiana coast, and I was extremely fortunate to have been there to take it.

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18 February 2017

Sometimes a guy’s gotta do something just because he still can. Yesterday I decided to go try the sac-a-lait (“Crappie” hereabouts) again – in a chilly, windy, spitting rain.

So I gathered up some rain-gear that I hadn’t worn in a few years and sallied forth to my sweet little February spot. And within five minutes after arriving there and in some pretty nasty weather, I caught my largest sac in a month!

Yeah, the fleeting thought of really putting the hurt on ’em that afternoon did pass through  my mind, but alas, only one more was added to the cooler – a nice one, but nothing like the first. It was a good evening, though, considering what I faced – and it proved that I could still do it in such adversity.

Down here, the shallow action with these fish won’t last much longer. Gotta get it while you can – rain or shine, wind or calm, chilly or nice and warm. Next winter is a long way away.


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2 February 2017

A while back, a guy I’ve known for a fairly long time reminded me that this was supposed to be a fly-fishing website, and all the posts on goose hunting detracted from that! I told him to stuff it, and if he didn’t like  my posts, don’t read ’em. Anyway, I have refrained from making such posts – perhaps because even though I still hunt them hard and enjoy every moment of it, I still have very limited success. Yesterday, however, was an exception.

That was almost entirely because of Durel’s invitation to accompany him and his son Zack on a hunt he had recently won at an auction. It took place out in the boonies west of Forked Island – an area I had never seen before, and the entire set-up was first-class. And the guy (“Guide”) who accompanied us sounded more like a spec than some of the specs did! The hunt began pretty slowly, but as the morning progressed more geese began to fly, and our guide called them to us. And they worked to his call and our three decoys beautifully!

So besides the four of us getting our limits of two apiece, we learned a pretty good bit about hunting the cagey critters! Now I am compelled to try out some of that learning on Durel’s farm. And I’ll tell you all about it, provided I don’t get any complaints about excessive goose-hunting material in a fly-fishing site!

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25 January 2017

Been a little picky lately. Because of the fairly decent action with the crappie, I’ve been turning loose some respectable-sized goggle-eyes – pretty good skillet-material in their own right, but yesterday morning this 9 1/2-inch bluegill came along, and I just had to add him to the cooler.

What with the extended warm spell we’ve recently enjoyed, this could be south Louisiana’s “Year of the Crappie”, since the spawning melee – when most of them are caught (At least by me!) – has yet to begin. It will be interesting to see. In any case, once the impending chilly spell moderates, give ’em a try. Prime time should be really close by then.

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17 January 2017

(Four of the five. Three of these were VERY nice…)

While I didn’t catch much yesterday, I got a suspicion.

So I sallied forth again this AM, kept five, missed several, and released three fair goggle-eyes. And if I can still procrastinate as well as I once could, I will postpone the chores I had scheduled for tomorrow and make another sortie in the morning.

Like someone famouser than I am once said, “If you’ve got a sucker down, don’t let him up!” or something like that. So I intend to kick some crappie-butt while I can!

(… but not as nice as #5 – 14 inches and sporting a pair of lovely fillets!)

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