Anyone who hunts and fishes and doesn’t eat what he shoots or catches could be missing out on some really good groceries – IF he knows how to cook it!

There are some fairly straightforward and quite tasty ways to prepare many species of fish. However, other ways can be absolutely delectable, and the basis for them – and for a fine general recipe for birds – is a roux. So to begin with, I suggest you learn how to make a roux.  

Oh, that’s my responsibility here, isn’t it. Okay, for something like a fricasse or gumbo containing eight teal or six gray ducks, begin with about 2/3 cup of oil (Peanut or corn oil seems best) and 2/3 cup of flour – a little more of each won’t hurt, less might!  Place the oil in a medium-sized soup pot, flick in a few fingers-full of water, and heat it on medium until the water drops start to pop. At that point add the flour and begin stirring – CONSTANTLY stirring – until the goop becomes dark brown, as thick as paste, and looks and smells like it’s about to burn. The roux is now ready for the various additions which almost always include at least one large finely-chopped yellow onion and a rounded tablespoon of minced garlic. But more on that later. For now, understand that once you begin stirring the flour into the oil, you cannot stop. If you absolutely must go pee, or get another beer from the ‘fridge, or answer the doorbell, or something similar, it’s best to toss what you have begun and start over.

I promise!

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