Sauteed Redfish

I decided to cook supper tonight, and after I got out a pack of redfish fillets, I realized that my upcoming project would be worth posting. It’s fairly quick, and it tastes great!


* One 20-inch or thereabouts redfish (But not much larger!).

* Garlic salt.

*Lemon/pepper seasoning.


*1/4+ stick of butter


Fillet and skin the redfish. Remove all the blood, cut the fillets in half, and dust them on one side with the spices. Melt the butter (Margarine?) in a medium-sized skillet on medium heat. Add the fillet-strips with the spices up and saute them, turning them over only once, until they flake easily.

Serve with sides of store-bought potato salad and canned asparagus (Or, if you want to work a little harder, home-made potato salad and fresh asparagus.), and a glass of chilled Vouvray.

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