Redfish Salad

This recipe was the staff of life when Barb and I were young and poor. Even Christi liked it, and when you consider the culinary likes and dislikes of a typical youngster, that’s saying something!


Fillets from two 24-inch reds, skinned, with the red meat removed, and cut into chunks.

1 tbsp liquid crab boil

2 to 3 lemon slices

4 tbsp salt

1 gal. water

2 to 3 dollops of “Lite” mayonnaise

4 shallots finely chopped

Lettuce and tomato wedges

Breton Sesame crackers (Or your preference)

1 knee-high nylon hose


Season water with crab boil, salt, and lemon and bring it to a boil. Loosely place the fish-chunks into the hose, tie a knot in it just above the chunks, and boil the whole thing for 35 minutes.

Remove the hose and fish from the water (Do NOT soak!), let it all cool, and dump the fish-chunks into a salad bowl. Bust up the chunks while adding the mayo and shallots. You don’t want the final result to be creamy, but it should have some reasonable consistency.

Serve over the lettuce and garnish with the tomato wedges. Eat with the crackers and a glass of well-chilled Vouvray.

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